Promo 2016

by Derisive Entity

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released January 20, 2016

Special thanks to Ty Du studios for helping us record this. And also Brutalized Remains Visual Media for the sick artwork.
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Derisive Entity Wales, UK

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Track Name: A piece Of Meat
She's a fucked up little whore, Masochistic erotic creature, She loves it forced into her ass, I'm going to split you open now, Licking her lips and moaning, As I rip away her dignity, Ejaculating all throughout, Choking her fragile throat, She coughs and she splutters, But still she spreads her legs, She won't walk again after this, I will crack her brittle pelvis, Jamming my fist into the womb, She screams in agony and sweats blood, Flowing with vital essence, Her fluids pour onto the floor, Haemorrhagic intercourse, Her entrails fall from her cunt, I fuck them back into her body, She shakes violently and I beat her still, I will split your two holes into one, Now its my turn to enjoy this, She glances at me petrified, I smile and take out a serrated blade, I ram it into her anus again and again, Chunks of her bowels stuck to the edge, I forcefeed them to her as she gags, She regurgitates into all her wounds, I rip out all her teeth with pliers, Then grasp her hair and force her down, My cock goes deeper into her throat, I cast her aside as she drowns in semen.
Track Name: Gormandizing Cadavers
Father insists we enter the basement, His eyes are wide with anticipation, He leads me into a pungent corridor, Deeper into the tunnel we go, My rite of passage awaits ahead, A sanctuary for the misfortunate dead, An unholy graveyard for each carcass, A quiet place for us to leech, Limbs and organs surround us, A vast shrine of flesh - a banquet, The feeding frenzy is about to commence, Gorging on necrotic paste, Putrescent atrocities are mandatory, Decomposition would waste such a meal, Adrenaline courses through my infant shell, Preserving life using death, Don't be fooled by delusions of dignity, Unnatural transgressions, Nourishment is of dire importance, Survival and sustenance, Nobody can know our secret, Keep them all oblivious, Hide the bodies - Cover your tracks, Wretched and insidious, Pass the teachings to your offspring, Generations must be shown, Patience child food will come soon, How your appetite has grown, Necrocannibal! (Brees and gurgles) Primal defects abusing nature, A family of cannibals, Cold dead skin and lifeless eyes, Here is where our innocence dies, Traumatised I am now complete, Gormandize the rotting meat, Drenched in saliva dripping down to my feet, There is nothing to satisfy my greed, There is nothing x4